Tynia Peay


I have benefited greatly from coaching with Mike. When I first met him I was an insecure young woman with many internal conflicts that hindered my growth and faith in Jesus. Mike helped me to first see the grace and mercy truly offered to me through the gospel. He then helped me to find my identity in Christ and to silence my fear of failure. Through his coaching I am now able to confidently put my trust in Christ's ability and His work done for me as I faithfully walk in the calling of God for my life.










James Tyler





I have been friends with Pastor Michael Crawford for several years now. As a pastor, I sometimes need input and help from a discerning, Godly man- outside the context of my own congregation. Mike has been extremely helpful to me in this regard. His pastoral input has helped me navigate the malaise of ministerial difficulties. Pastor Crawford has offered insights which guided me away from selfish behaviors, toward redemption and restoration. I’m thankful for his friendship, his experience, and his wise 
counsel in my work to minister in my own church.









Brian Howard





Michael has been a top ten influencer in my life. He is a committed husband, father, pastor, entrepreneur, and thinker. The time that I have spent with him over many years has been a gift to me. Spend as much time with Michael as you can because his presence will inspire you to greatness.





Erick Peay 


Michael Crawford is one of the clearest examples of Jesus to me. His love for God overflows in love for people; desiring them to know Jesus deeply. I know this reality personally. When I began receiving coaching from Mike, I was a broken recent seminary graduate with desires to serve God and people, but also paralyzed by fear, shame, and depression. Michael Crawford's life’s example and investment in me has helped me practically apply the truth of God to my struggles and to move from paralysis to movement. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to have this man walk alongside them in their journey to seize upon it with gratefulness to God.


Jeremy Dickson 

Pastor of Infinity Church, Baltimore Campus

As my coach, Michael has focused primarily on strengthening my character and leadership skills.  During our sessions, Michael has helped me to gain a better awareness of who I am by providing tools and resources for discovering my strengths, weakness, and behavioral tendencies. Consequently, I am now able to recognize and avoid many potential pitfalls that have previously limited my productivity and effectiveness.  Michael has also helped me to mature as a leader by asking thought-provoking questions that challenge me to process through the implications of making certain leadership decisions and/or taking certain actions. Lastly, Michael constantly challenges me to set and achieve new personal goals, and holds me accountable for reaching those goals by my desired deadline. Therefore, I can honestly say that I am a better husband, father, neighbor and pastor as a result of Michael’s coaching.



Dr. Charlie Ward 


Few people have been more of a positive influence on my life than Michael Crawford. His unflinching support is a constant motivator and his frank honesty is always refreshing. Michael’s unique upbringing and rare familial relationships have given him a medley of life experiences that he continues to use to help those in need. His faith is unwavering, his dedication is unchallenged and his wisdom is always sound. I have been fortunate to have him in my life for last 5 years and more fortunate to call him my friend. 


Dan Hyun

Lead Pastor, The Village Church 

Like many leaders in this generation, I lacked mentorship in my life and frustratingly tried to learn on my own as I went along. Michael Crawford’s coaching has injected vitality into my development as a leader and his counsel has provided a much needed stability into my personal life. Michael’s coaching skills are forged on the frontlines and I’ve benefited greatly from the wisdom of a seasoned practitioner. Combined with his acumen to address issues of the heart, Michael’s investment has led to my holistic growth as a leader and man and I highly recommend his coaching.




James Cofield

Jim Pix 2.jpeg


"You will be hard-pressed to find a coach like Michael. He grew up around the rich and famous of Malibu, learned solid Reformed theology at Master's College, planted a church in the inner city of Baltimore while being a loving husband, a nurturing father to his five children and a great friend to many. He is a student of life, a leader of leaders, and a motivator of souls. His love for Christ and his ability to focus on what is crucial will serve you well as it has me."








Amy Lusse 

 Wife, mother of 4, and freelance Illustrator

From the moment I met Mike I could tell he was someone that had great understanding and a strong ability to lead. Mike makes an awesome coach because he understands people. Mike is able to connect with people and make them feel understood and personally I need that human connection, I need to feel like someone gets me. I like people to shoot straight with me and be real. He is able to be personal and yet detached at times so that he can make hard calls or point out hard areas and call it like it is. In all the years I have know him, 20 to be exact, he has never shied away from telling me like it is. I have seen him interact with all different kids of people and he has a way to connect with them all. Looking back on the time I've know him causes me to realize that he has been “coaching” long before it was ever called that. His enneagram training has given him an extra kick in his coaching enabling him to see what makes me tick and why I respond the way I do to things.