Enneagram Training

The Enneagram is the most effective self-awareness tool available. It helps us discover and discern who we are and how we can function best in relationships. We are relational beings. The two things that get us in the most trouble in our relationships are: ignorance of who we are and an unwillingness to change the things in us that are non- resourceful. You and I can't change until we have become conscious of the need to do so. The Enneagram will help you become aware. I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people discover how useful the Enneagram is for their relationships. I have administered the profile for pre-marital counseling, marriages, church leadership, business executives and individuals. In every circumstance people come away with a better understanding of how to move ahead in their relationships in a more effective way. And now I would like to teach others to do this.

The Enneagram Training is designed for leaders, coaches, managers and those responsible for soul care (e.g. pastors, planters, spiritual directors, spiritual life coaches). The training assumes a relational modality for transformation and assumes the pre-imminence of the relational paradigm. You will learn how to administer, interpret and apply the Enneagram profile to individuals and groups. Due to the nature of the training and our desire to see each person equipped to use the enneagram we only offer 10 spots for each training.

Enneagram Training Details

You will receive a 100-page notebook that will explain the enneagram, it’s styles, triads as well as many practical suggestions for leaders as they lead the various styles. You will get the opportunity to interpret profiles and learn from others as they make observations about profiles. Lunch Friday and Saturday are included as well as drinks and snacks. You will also receive a 1 hour post enneagram coaching call if needed. 

Date and Time: Friday March 1st 9:00-3:00pm and Saturday March 2nd 9am-4pm. You can Register Below.

Enneagram Training Schedule:


     9:00-12:00pm - Enneagram Training

     12:00-12:30 - Lunch

     12:30-3:00 - Enneagram Training  

     *Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided 


     9:00-12:00 - Enneagram Training

     12:00-12:30- Lunch

     12:30-4:00 - Enneagram Training 

     *Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided on Friday


Location: Freedom Church 5310 Hazelwood Avenue Baltimore MD 21214

Cost: $600 ($200 due at registration the remaining balance due at the intensive) 

In order to secure one of the 10 spots of the enneagram Training, you will need to make a deposit of $200 and fill out the registration information below.


Payment for 2019 Enneagrram Training

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