Mike thank you so much for the opportunity to go deeper into the Ennegram. I enjoyed the class and it has made me feel better equipped to handle relationships in my ministry and community . Taking the time to better understand all the tools God created us to have and how different we use them at different times in our lives will help me respond in a more understanding way. Now with the certification I will be able to help other become more aware of how they use the tools they have.

Thanks Mike!
Charity Wratchford
As a child raised by a single mom and an absentee father, I’ve had much to learn in the area of self-awareness. Over time, I have utilized many personality profiles tools and sat through numerous training events. While each tool has it’s strengths, I’ve found the Enneagram to be the greatest self-awareness survey that I have ever seen.

The Enneagram is clear in its foundation but deep in its exploration. There is a richness to the tool that is best explained under the tutelage of an instructor such as Mike Crawford. Having Mr. Crawford walk me through my own Enneagram was a treat but when I asked him to bring his training to our entire staff and volunteer team, the lid was taken off of our organizational structure. Mike was able to help us understand some latent frustration as well as call out some potential hazards long before they appear in the organization. We are thankful for Mike’s expertise and look forward to working with him again in the future. I wholeheartedly endorse Mike Crawford for your team’s Enneagram training.

Pastor Tally Willis Captivate Church Baltimore
“The Enneagram certification training was an incredible time of insight into the intricacies of the soul. This experience continues to impact me professionally, relationally, and personally. During the training, I was equipped with a knowledge of how the Enneagram works, the ability to interpret Enneagram test results, and principles for applying these results. Michael has an incredible grasp of the Enneagram and his practical experience with the tool is invaluable. When rightly applied, the Enneagram is an extraordinary source of transformation for individuals, teams, and organizations. This training puts you in position to begin to utilize the Enneagram and experience this transformation. The skills garnered in this training are relevant in any context and vocation and I strongly encourage anyone to participate in the training.”
— Hunter Brown Head Golf Coach Goucher College
My experience during the enneagram training was phenomenal to say the least. Mike Crawford’s grasp of the enneagram was awe inspiring. His ability to convey that mastery to the class kept us on the edge of our seats. To teach is one thing but to provide participants a chance to engage with each other and use the information tangibly takes the training to another level. I am thankful for him and his ministry and for God allowing me to see the enneagram for what it is, a spiritual, relational, self-awareness tool used for the glory of God and the benefit of his people.
— Sean Robinson Lead Trainer Center for Urban Families Baltimore

"One thing I have learned personally is that a healthy leader is a self-aware leader.  So, as I thought about a training process for our church plant's leadership team, I could think of no better place to start than to take them through Enneagram training.  My friend Michael Crawford was so helpful in guiding us through our personality results, explaining the unique ways God has shaped us.  It is so important to know how our natural wirings can be used for God's glory to build up the body of Christ, or be used in ways that can be harmful to the body.  I highly recommend any leader of leaders take his team through this training."

Rob Stephens

Aletheia College Park

"As a leader, you carry enormous emotion burdens. As you build your team relational tension is often a greater issue then theology and ministry methods. By bridging the gap between psychology and biblical theology Michael Crawford helped us build a better team. Most people simply don’t know who they are. The enneagram helps you understand yourself and each other. An identity crisis on a leadership team is a recipe for disaster. The enneagram training is an affordable necessity for building better teams. Don’t let relational tension disrupt Christ’s intention for your church."

Ben Murray

Founder of Noble City Church York, PA

"Mike Crawford came to Severna Park Baptist Church on May 14, 2016 for requested enneagram training. We had nineteen people present over the course of approximately four hours, with breaks and fellowship. Our goal for the training was for our ministry team leaders to learn more about themselves and one another to increase unity, trust, and communication toward more effective ministry. Through the enneagram personality profile and Mike’s training insights many of us gained awareness of areas we knew and revealed blind spot areas both personally and for us together as a church. Further, we were encouraged to discern ways how the gospel speaks to our identity and sanctification. I believe our goals and expectations were met and continue to provide us a framework for continuing conversations as individuals, friends, and a ministry team. 

In all, Mike’s enneagram training was biblically based for the church, boldly challenging for leaders, and practical for ministry application. I would recommend Mike Crawford’s ministry and the enneagram tool to others who are seeking how to raise awareness among individuals and how they can relate together for spiritual growth and mission."

David Brown

Lead Pastor

When I first took the ennegram test for myself, I knew I wanted to know more, I knew that I wanted to learn how to decipher more of the information. So when Pastor Mike Crawford offered the Ennegram training, I felt like my heart exploded with happiness. The entire time I felt engaged, I felt excited to soak in new (and more information) and more than anything I felt like I left empowered to be able to read others ennegrams. The small group atmosphere allowed us to interact with each other and to learn from each other’s ennegrams. Also it was evident the Pastor Mike was well educated in the ennegram materials.