Every Good and Healthy Relationship Has This Quality Part 1: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

   What is that quality? Loyalty. It is an indispensible characteristic of every healthy relationship. Reading through 2 Samuel chapters 16 through 18 this morning (in the bible) I was reminded of this great truth. King David was in a place in his life where he was on the run. His family relationships were strained and his whole life had been turned upside down. Have you ever been here? I have. These are the times when we need loyal friends and that’s exactly what God gave him. As I read about David’s life I consistently saw people trying to kill him, gossip about him and turn his friends against him. At the same time I saw his real friends lovingly sticking by him and staying loyal to him during a time when he needed them most.

Loyalty is the foundation and fertilizer of great relationships. With it you can build some great things. With it you can build things that will last. With it you can grow things. Loyalty’s ROI (return on investment) is really high. Without it you are dead. Loyalty is like equity it grows over time.

I was at a leadership conference a few years ago where a speaker stood up and said the number one thing he looks for in potential work partners was loyalty. You could hear some people in the room gasp and start whispering. They were clearly expecting something different. But, once he expanded on it people began to see his point. If you have worked in an organization for any length of time you know the importance of loyalty.

And speaking of organizations and institutions, I can’t think of any two places where loyalty is more needed than in marriage and the parent-child relationship. Every healthy and growing marriage and parent-child relationship has a good dose of loyalty in it.

So, how do you know if you are loyal? How do you know if your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, friend or co-worker are loyal? You have to be tested. The test of loyalty isn’t taken by going to some URL, link or book where you literally take a test. The test to see if you or anyone else is loyalty is found in life itself. Life has a funny way of keeping score and providing feedback for us if we are willing to listen.

Tomorrow I will post some characteristics of a loyal person.