Every Good and Healthy Relationship Has This Quality Part 2: What a Loyal Person Looks Like

12 characteristics of a loyal person

1. They are with you for the long haul. Loyalty lasts.

2. They support you even when they disagree with you. Loyalty knows how to disagree without becoming disagreeable.

3. They aren’t afraid to tell you what they really think. Loyal people aren’t yes men and women, they are the most courageous people you will ever meet.

4. They are willing to stand against you if they think that’s what’s best for you. Loyal people are willing to risk everything if they think its best for you. People who aren’t loyal have a price they will pay for your relationship. If it gets too expensive they bounce. Loyal people are lifers and willing to lay down their own life for your good.

5. They will not violate their conscience for you. In order to be loyal you have to believe in absolutes and also be committed to them. That’s what gives loyal people consistency.

6. Loyal people are loyal in a lot of things. You can see loyalty in every aspect of their life.

7. They are the last ones standing with you when everyone else is gone. If you want to know who’s loyal to you ask yourself these questions. When I was at my worst who was there for me? When everyone left me in that one period of life who was the last man/woman standing?

8. They are not affected by your prosperity or poverty. Loyal people love you not your stuff. They don’t care what you possess. They realize life is more than food, clothing, your zip code and the amount of money you have in your bank account.

9. They affirm your character, compliment your gifts and help you to obtain your goals. Loyal people make other people better people. They are invested in your welfare and get a lot of pleasure out of seeing you succeed.

10. They can be trusted and counted on. You can always tell who the loyal people are in our world. They are usually the first people we call during an emergency or when we need help.

11. They are willing to admit when they are wrong and repair it. Loyal people love health. When things aren’t right they seek to fix it. This is true even if they have caused the problem.

12. They are present in your life. Loyal people have a way of maintaining contact with people. It’s not necessarily a certain number of phone calls, texts, emails or visits. It’s a presence they have built and cultivated. You just know they are there for you.