A Christmas Present for People Who are Dealing with Doubt, Depression and Devastation Today (From a Grain of Sand on the Beach)


            Who am I to say anything to you

            For many of you this comes out of the blue

            I have no platform or right to speak to you

            But I feel like I have to say something to you

            You know why I woke up Christmas day thinking about you?

            Because God is thinking about you and He told me to tell you

            He loves you

            It’s Christmas day and I don’t claim to feel the things you do

            But on Christmas day I feel for you that you feel the things you do

            So do me a favor and keep unwrapping this present


            If I could I would take away all your doubt

            If I could I would take away all your depression

            If I could I would take away all your devastation

            Sometimes knowing someone knows helps

            So do me a favor and keep unwrapping this present


            I want you to know you are not alone

            Christmas day is not always a song

            Or maybe it is but not a happy one

            Before the shepherds showed up were Mary and Joseph singing one?

            If Christmas day really is about the birth of Christ

            Let’s be real and think about it right

            Joseph thought Mary had cheated on him

            Until an angel straightened it out what must that have been like for him?

            There was no room for them where their baby should have been born

            Is this really the way God wanted us to see Christmas morn?

            So they headed to the place where the animals live

            I guess we are going to have Christmas where the animals live

            And as I recall there wasn’t a Christmas tree with lots of presents under it

            Just a poor mom and dad unwrapping God greatest gift

            Honestly if a mom and dad spent Christmas like this

            Would you blame them for doubting, feeling devastated or being depressed?

            It’s funny how God is not afraid of ironies

            God’s greatest gift to humanity and there isn’t even a tree

            No gifts, no food and no pompous decorations

            Just some dirt, some people listening to God and angelic celebration

            If Christmas day is really about Jesus

            Then that means Mary and Joseph told people about the birth of Jesus

            Think about retelling this story over and over again

            Without all the 3d technological romanticism we put in

            What’s the point of all this?

            Doubt, depression and devastation ye Jesus get’s it

            Jesus is our Immanuel meaning God with us

            Whatever our circumstances are God is with us

            That’s too generic it means God with you

            I don’t know if you have the faith to believe this is true

            But even if you don’t we, I mean I, will believe it for you

            I don’t even know you and I will believe it for you

            God will give me the grace to believe its true for you

            So do me a favor and keep unwrapping this present


            I don’t’ expect these words to cure you

            But I do want you to know that someone knows you

            Someone knows the fierce war within you

            And someone is willing to fight the war with you

            These last couple words are only words to you

            I know they are only words but words carry truth for you

            God loves you

            In the past, present and future He will always love you

Thank you for unwrapping this present