14 Reasons Why People Aren't Generous & Responses to Each (OOOOO Kill Em!)


I don’t want to be poor again

            Don’t kid yourself you are not that generous

I don't have enough to give

            How much do you need?

I'm in debt and behind on my bills

            Ye, God told me He’s been waiting for you to pay Him

There are things I need and want

            Then get some things and be generous

I'm not sure God will take care of me

            He will, He’s been taking care of you all this time

It might not be used right

            It might not, have you always used things right?

They won’t appreciate it

            But God will, and there’s only one way to find out

I want to see my money work

            Why, so you can get the credit? God sees

You can't trust anyone these days

            That may be true but you can trust God

I don’t trust the church

            Then don’t trust them with your soul either

I want to be responsible

            Generosity and responsibility are friends not enemies

Some people don't deserve it

            Aren’t you glad God doesn’t think this way about you?

It doesn't feel good

            That’s because in your heart its yours and not God’s

I don't know how

            Ask God, start small, keep it simple and do it today



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