What Do You Do When No One You Are Talking To Has The Answer?


            If you haven’t come up against this reality wait and you will. There are parts of life that are answerless. No matter where you look on Earth, what you read or who you ask, there are times when the answer will allude you. Life is not math sometimes it just doesn’t seem to add up. We long for 2+2 to = 4 in every area of our lives but its just not reality.

            People tend to respond in a few ways when life doesn’t add up. Some people work harder to figure it out. Some people get depressed and quit. Some people accept it, learn from it and move on as best they can. Some people look to other people for help. And, some people look to God.

            It is so natural for humans to look to other humans for help in times of difficulty and confusion. After all God has made a world where most of our help comes through human relationships. However, human relationships have limitations. They are temporal and finite. They are not God. They cannot and do not replace God in our life. There is a time and space in each of our lives that only God can occupy, only God can satisfy and sustain. I think God has designed complexity and certain providences in our lives to show us the black holes of life and to drive us to Him.


            So what do you do when no one you are talking to has the answer? You have many options but I think your best option is to trust God and intentionally go deeper in and with your relationship with Him. God may never give you the answer to your dilemma but knowing that He knows and is using it for your good, His glory and the good of others is something we will have to accept if we want to move forward in life without being paralyzed by life’s uncertainties.