Ten Tips to Make You Effective


 Warning reading and applying these things will cause you to be effective. If you have been struggling with getting things done these tips will help you. If you have been stuck relationally or organizationally these tips will help. If you are an excuse maker or easily offended these tips won’t help you. Ok, ready to be effective? Start reading.

1.     Turn your phone off and put it down. You cell phone is probably the number one reason you procrastinate and are ineffective.

2.     Turn your TV off. It actually has a power button. Use it!

3.     Unplug from the matrix. Translation = get off the Internet.

4.     Start saying no to yourself. Your brain is going to wander, get distracted and put up a fight. Use the word no firmly and use it a lot.

5.     Don’t take on any new things until it gets done. In fact say no to any and everything new until it gets done.

6.     Stop making excuses for why it hasn’t been done. Really, stop it.

7.     Cut everyone off who can’t or won’t help you get it done until its finished.

8.     Don’t let your psychology, what you think and tell yourself about you, contribute to your ineffectiveness. Effectiveness shows no partiality. Good people and bad people are effective. It could care less what you think of yourself. If you apply yourself it rewards you.

9.     If fear is playing a role in keeping you from doing it say the following phrase ten times, “my fear will only get worse and grow bigger the longer I wait”.

10. Get something to write with and on. Being as honest as you know how to be write down the answers to the following questions, “why can’t you get it done right now and why can’t I get it done tomorrow”? Now use the previous 9 things you read to critique your answers. Be honest!