A Poem About Falling -- Inspired by Professional Motocross Racer James Stewart


FALLING -- MAY 3, 2003

Falling is a reality for all human beings
Sometimes it’s moral and sometimes it seems
Like it’s inevitable, planned, and impossible to avoid
It can have nothing to do with an ethical choice
It can come upon those who are most prepared
And then spare the one who lives for the dare
Everyone falls because everyone is fallen
Animals and things to this can be added in
Nothing and no one can perform perfectly forever
Except the one who created all things in seven
Falling is here to stay it’s Earth’s best friend
This bond can never be broken by you, me, it, or them
Is falling morbid, depressing, or could it be good?
Of course it can be if it is properly understood
But if suppressed and denied it kills like terminal cancer
But if accepted and seen for what it truly is what a blessed answer To many a question by many a soul
That asks why this and why that and why is life often so cold You see failure can be your friend and greatest teacher
To remind you, instruct you, and warn you of danger
To hold you, love you, and tell you how good you are
For getting up, and trying again, and raising the bar
Anyone can quit after falling in fact that comes natural Greatness is not measured by anything more than the number of scars Search history and she will tell you
No one has achieved anything epic without a big fall or two What would you pay if you could know how not to fall?

Put your card and cash away it’s free for all

Who come to the classroom of life’s crashes
To learn and not to fight, complain, or deny
But to proceed with Lasik surgery for understanding’s eye There is only one thing that rivals truth as an instructor Falling enhances truth all the more
If you live in this life you will fall in this life

The question is whether you will walk in this light