We Are Like Puppies: 4 Thoughts on Following Jesus

1.     You can’t follow Jesus unless you have a sense of who He is, where He is and where He is going. I’m not talking about a seminary degree but I am talking about some basic facts. One time I was going to follow someone to a place to eat. I didn’t pay attention to what kind of car they were driving so 5 minutes into traffic I lost track of where they were going and got lost. Is this you with Jesus? You know what I did in that situation don’t you? I happened to have his number so I called him. Guess what? He picked up and told me where he was and how to find him. Christian you can do the same thing with God. Pray and He will answer. Open the word of God and He will speak. Listen to Jeremiah 29:12-14, “In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me. I will be found by you," says the LORD.”


2.     To follow Jesus means you are moving. Picture a stream or a river not a pond. I got this challenging text from my pastor Sean Robinson this morning. I want you to read it and ask God to search you to see if there is anything in this for you.

         “You know most Christians could never keep up with Jesus if he were here now. His pace, movement, affinity to rescue people in the face of danger would alienate most Christians in America. Yes he practiced all   the rhythms but I'll tell you this: the good boy, mundane, risk averse, boring, safe, my only pleasure and nobility in life comes from serving  my wife, working and coming home that we call Christianity is not like Jesus. Reading the gospels is an adventure maybe it's just me, but if I had to read about Christians in this culture, at this time in history, I might as well watch an episode of little house on the prarie. That would be more exciting....sorry that was a rant, I'm daring to read the gospels and ask God to make me like him”

3.     Questioning Jesus’ directions is one of the clearest signs that you are following Him. Have you ever been in the passenger seat of a car and thought why didn’t she/he take a right here or do this or that? I have. It’s proof you are not driving. It’s human nature. We do it with God too. In fact I would go so far as to say that If you have never questioned where God is taking you its because you aren’t following Him you are doing your own thing.

4.     Don’t confuse the presence of God with following Jesus. I think it’s pretty easy to do this. In fact the Lord recently showed me that I was doing this. God is always with us but we are not always with Him. I want you to think about something with meHave you ever noticed that most of the verses in the bible that proclaim or promise God’s presence are built on the assumption that we are obeying and following Him? We recently got a puppy and he is so cute. I see a lot of parallels between following Jesus and my puppy’s relationship with me. Our puppy is almost always in our presence but he doesn’t always follow us. He easily distracted and sees a different world than we do. He wants to touch, sniff, taste and play with everything. We are like puppies.