What You Should Do When You Get Bad News: Part 2

6.     Assess how bad the news really is. The key to this is to know yourself, if you are prone to seeing the glass half full you might not give the bad news the weight it deserves. If you are prone to seeing the glass half empty you might go all chicken little on the news. Learn to differentiate between bad news and BAD NEWS!!!!. There is a difference between finding out that my mother has bladder cancer and hearing that Tiger Woods won’t be playing in the golf tournament I was planning on going to.

7.     Let your head lead your heart. Bad news tends to miss the right turn into our head and take a left into our hearts. At some point you will need to re-calculate and re-route the news to your head. The heart isn’t a bad place to deal with bad news but if it’s the only place where bad news is processed you may be in trouble. There is a reason why God gave you a head and put it at the top of your body. Hint!

8.     Allow yourself time to get over or learn to live with the shock of the bad news. How much time? That depends on the nature of the news. If it’s really bad you might need the rest of your life. If it’s not so bad you might be able to recover sooner.

9.     Make sure you plan and pursue life giving things after you get bad news. You won’t want to plan or pursue life giving things but you have to. If you don’t you will suffer more than you need to. Whatever you do don’t let bad news cause you to miss church, bible study, small group, prayer meetings or anything else that brings you to God. This is what you need most during times of bad news. And let me add one more thing. Plan something fun!

10. Activate your relationship with the God of the bible. Bad news is one of the best reasons to engage God, re-engage God after a long hiatus or start a new relationship with God. God is the only person I know that is bigger than our bad news. He is the best person to help us with our bad news. He is the only person I know with good news in the midst of our bad news. He is the only person I know that can use our bad news for good. And, He is the only person I know that can turn our bad news into good news. In the midst of bad news you want God in your life.