If You're Having Trouble Starting Things Read This

          A lot of us struggle to start things. We have good intentions, great goals and a vivacious vision but for most of us none of that helps us to get started. I want you to get started on the things that matter most to you this year. So, here are 3 principles that have helped me and others start things.


            First, start where you are. That’s right, wherever you are get at it. Apple Computer was started in a garage and Harry Potter was written on an old manual typewriter. Too many of us romanticize the start. We imagine ourselves all juiced up, feeling great with no pain, motivated with the weather a perfect 73 degrees with a slight 5mph wind out of the north. This is nonsense. The circumstances are rarely ideal when you start something. A lot of people never start because they want to start in the middle or the end. Start where you are.  

            Second, start small. I recently visited a friend in the hospital. One of the things the doctors wanted him to do to help with his recovery was to take a walk everyday. The walk took him about 2 minutes to complete. I thought, there is a great example of starting small. So, start small. Real small. In fact what I would do if I were you is this. Write down how you want to start and then cut it in half. Here are two questions you can use to see if it’s small enough. When you look at it does it seem pathetic? And, do you think, “man my grandmother could do that”? If so, start there. Start small.   

            Third, start now. Believe it or not I was once a rapper and one of the lines out of a song I wrote went like this, “if I have a chance to do it I do it right then if not me then who if not now then when”. So start now. If you don’t start now when will you start? So really, stop reading this and do something, anything to get started, no matter how small, do it!

            Happy New Year!