4 Things You Need If You Want To Build Something (Meditations from Solomon building the temple)


            You need a Reason. Solomon was given the wonderful task of building a house for the God of all mankind. In the words of his father David it had to be great because it wasn’t for man but for God. This was Solomon’s reason for building. Ask yourself, why am I building? The answer to that question is really important. Most people who build meaningful and helpful things have a healthy and clear purpose or mission. They know why they are building.

            You need Resources. Solomon’s father David worked hard to provide all the resources Solomon would need to build the temple. My daughter Claudia make shte best chocolate chip cookies in the world. I ask for them all the time and I’m always hoping she doesn’t say, “I would make them dad but we don’t have the stuff to make them”. Sometimes we want to build things but we don’t have the resources to build. Let’s get your resources together and then build.

            You need Rest. It’s really hard to build something when you are at war. Solomon’s dad David wanted to build God a house really bad but he was constantly fighting wars so he couldn’t. When Solomon became King God gave him a period of rest from war so he was able to build the temple. I have tried to build things when there was “war” in my life. It never went well. You need to be able to focus when you build and if you are fighting a major campaign its difficult to do.

            You need Resolve. Building is not easy. There will be setbacks and obstacles to deal with. You need to hang in there and endure because most things that are valuable take time to build. I have found that reason fuels our resolve. If your reason for building is clear and compelling you will have resolve.