The Ear: An Excerpt from 100 Meditations by Michael Crawford



The Ear

It is something that we get used to
It is something that is cute in very few
It is something that some don’t have
What would it be like to not hear a laugh?
But what’s it for it doesn’t look that great
Yet there are few other members that rival this pleasure gate
God has ears and we’re so blessed that He does
So the purpose of ours should be similar to His above
With His ears He hears our crying, petitions, and sins
All our thoughts, good and bad, no matter when
His ears are never too busy, distracted, or incapable
Too good to be true, I know it sounds like a fable
I’ll bet you’ve never heard a Christian utter such a prayer
That their ears, like His, might be described so fair
And why is that, after all it makes sense?
Maybe it’s our selfishness, comfort level, or just our bent
Rate your ears, are they like His?
Repent, and humble yourself, so this blessing’s not missed
This may mean confession to Him and others
But he who forsakes and confesses finds mercy, not him who covers
So our ears should be used for the same purposes
But by nature they are more attracted to sin’s circus
Who would have thought that our ears are so depraved
That they like our other members would need amazing grace
Jesus said without Me you can do nothing
Have you ever considered your ears as one of these things?
The ear is potent and very influential
Often it alone can heal a broken heart by listening a little
Oh for ears like His, those that abhor evil and cling to what is good Ears that are patient and more useful than wood
Ears that have time in this busy world
To hear the hearts of men, women, boys, and girls
These are Christian ears and there is no disputing that fact
Only God’s saving grace, imparted to us, will help us to have ears like that           Though our ears are imperfect, His are nothing short of incredible!                          Never forget that His ears are always available