How to Decrease Murders in Baltimore: Part 2 Introductory Comments


            First, some of the things I’m going to say will be offensive. I apologize ahead of time. I only ask you to give the whole series of blog posts a chance before you judge the whole of it by a sentence or two in it.

            Second, it can be done. We can decrease the number of murders in Baltimore. You know why? Because it’s not that complicated. I told you this would be offensive. If the people researching and trying to find a cure for cancer had the same amount of knowledge about cancer that we have about violent crime in Baltimore they would find a cure for cancer. Think about it, it doesn’t make sense, we know so much about who and why most murders occur in Baltimore and yet we seem so incapable of doing anything about it? We can decrease the numbers.

            Third, I won’t see any of these things done in my life and I’m ok with that, not really. But, I’m willing to sow seed so that others, namely my children, can reap the benefits.

            Fourth, the reason I won’t see any of these things change in my life-time is because my generation is incapable of implementing the things I’m going to suggest in the following posts. We are the generation that has allowed this to happen and to go on without change. We are the generation that refuses to take steps to change the murder rate in Baltimore. We have had plenty of insight, studies, sermons, prayers and a host of politicians promising change and still we haven’t made a sizeable dent in the murder rate. Insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. A new generation will have to take these things up and change things. A generation who’s god isn’t political correctness. A generation that is not afraid to administer justice and mercy. A generation that abhors what is evil and clings to what is good. A selfless generation that is willing to loose their comfort, peace and even their lives to see change. We are not that generation.

                                              Part 3 coming soon