You Need a Spiritual Tune Up if 3 or More of These Things Are True of You



1.     You are not attracted to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

2.     You aren’t interested in a vibrant relationship with God

3.     You haven’t heard God speak to you in a while and it doesn’t bother you

4.     You have no desire to read the bible

5.     You would prefer to not be around people who are excited about God

6.     God is not your go to card in life

7.     Your prayer life has a lot in common with a domestic intercom and you use it like 911 not that often

8.     You are ok with going to church as long as it doesn’t get personal

9.     It’s been more than 3 months since you have intentionally hung out with other Christians outside of going to church

10. You have lost your first love meaning your relationship with God now looks nothing like it did when you first started it