3 Things You Need to Succeed

            I define success as being able to live out the will of God for your life. Here are three things every person needs in order to do that.

            First, we need God. We need a relationship with God where communion with Him is demonstrative and transformation is normative. This kind of relationship with God will involve but not be limited to things like: seeking God in prayer, reading the bible, consistent, attentive and authentic church attendance and hanging out with disciples of Jesus outside of church.

            Second, we need family. Family are people who love each other and seek to be used by God to see the will of God lived out other people’s lives. We were not created to live life alone. The most successful people on the planet are networked. No matter how powerful and independent you are you need help. Adam needed Eve and Eve needed Adam and both of them would need others if they were going to do God’s will. Similarly if you are going to succeed you will need the right people in your life to help you. Some of us don’t have blood family but that doesn’t change the fact that we need family. I’m thankful that through the gospel of Jesus God has given me fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

            We need time. You don’t need a lot of explanation here. If you are in an authentic relationship with God and engaged in a healthy family relationship time will reward you with measures of success. Be patient.