20 Things I Want My Kids To Know Before I Die



1. God has truly been faithful to me over the course of my whole life.  




2. I often questioned whether God knew what He was doing and time always showed me that He did.

3. Knowledge of God is good but communion with Him is better.

4. My understanding of God and the gospel kept growing, I never arrived, at some point you would think I would stop trying to build a fence for the two.

5. There were a number of times in my life when I doubted God, was mad at God and lived in disobedience to God but God never gave up on me.

6. There are things I experienced that can only be explained by the existence of the God of the bible.

7. I’ve read the bible for 27 years to date and it’s still exciting, deeper than ever, challenging, comforting and the most precious source of information and knowledge I’ve encountered.

8. God’s view of marriage and His way of doing marriage is da bomb!

9. Having you kids was one of the greatest blessings God ever gave me.

10. Living to see you guys grow up into the people God designed you to be has been one of the most pleasurable things I’ve ever experienced.

11. I started praying for your future spouses when you were conceived and haven’t stopped.

12. I always wanted to live a life that would make you proud of me.

13. If God told me He would grant me one thing for each of you it would be   that you guys would know, love, obey and walk with Him for the rest of your lives.

14. I love you, always have always will, I wish I would have done a better job and letting you know and feel that.

15. People aren’t God so don’t put them in His place.

16. I lived too much of my life in fear don’t follow me in this find God’s freedom and ask for the grace to live in it every day of your life.

17. If you think I had some wisdom know that I got it from 2 places, communion with God and making a lot of bad decisions.

18. I wish I had obeyed Jesus’ words in Mark 6:31 more “come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while”.

19. I’m proud to have you as my children and I am the most blessed father on the planet.

20. I would have you guys all over again and go through everything I did with you and it would all be worth it.