Easily broken, damaged or harmed. That is the definition. Few things describe our lives better than this. Social media exposes us to the reality of fragility. We spend a lot of our life creating and cultivating things to prevent fragility. I'm not a politician so I can say we are at war with fragility. We have managed to make up some ground in this war but no matter how hard we work and no matter how amazing the technology is we succumb. Yesterday we had the privilege of joining a family for a really fun activity. Even in that we experienced fragility. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to escape its influence? It's every where!

Fragility has helped me to retool my thinking on tragedy. Now I'm shocked we don't experience it more. I had a very romantic view of life. I have even thought that if I did certain things and maintained certain things that I could escape it. I was wrong. This has made me more thankful and more joyful. It's reminded me that nothing is guaranteed and nothing is owed me. I'm stubborn so I need to be constantly reminded that life and everything in it is a gift and those gifts are administered every second!

I tend to get angry, frustrated and depressed when I experience fragility what do you experience? I have had to work on this. Nothing has helped me process and progress through it more than my relationship with God. Everyone has a way in which they perceive and process fragility. I hope you are familiar with yours. I'm looking forward to a day where all that is wrong will be made right. I'm not waiting on a Jedi, the next president or for humanity to unite around some moral goodness. I'm waiting for a divine invasion where the creator of all things comes back and renews all that is broken. This is my hope. I know it's silly to some but I have found nothing more reasonable. I will rejoice when God sentences fragility to the very thing it has plagued us with, death. Until then God and His grace will help me navigate through the reality of living in a fragile body, soul and world. 

Grace and Peace.