The last part in our series at Freedom Church, The Seasons of Life. 

Time Tenses - Past | Present | Future. Is there a certain one your stuck in or afraid of?

ANXIETY! It's a real thing. How do we deal with it?

You CAN do a lot with a little. 

Do You Like Yourself? Here is why I think you should. 

God has created us all for a specific purpose and that is the life God intends for us to live!

We should be striving to live lives of Substance. 

Coloring Inside the Line VS Coloring Outside the Line

Are we insensitive to Evil?

Pastor Mike summarizes Ruth chapter 2 and gives us his thoughts on boys becoming real men, like Jesus.

Michael Crawford gives his thoughts on Ebola and what he thinks the right perspectives and actions should be.

How should we interpret current events?